Grand celebration.

June 2023 is a special time for us. It was now that we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our company. From humble beginnings and a small plant, a stable, trustworthy company with a certain market position was created. On this occasion, on June 3rd, the gala was held at the Oławian Hotel in Oława.

Among the invited guests were, among others: Governor of Lower Silesia – Mr. Bogusław Szpytma, His Magnificence Fr. Prof. Andrzej Tomko, His Magnificence Fr. Prof. Stanisław Dziekoński, Minister Błażej Spychalski, Polish entrepreneur, publisher and political activist Mr Józef Białek, representatives of the local government of the Oława district: Oława Mayor Mr Zdzisław Brezdeń and Oława deputy Mayor Mr Witold Niemirowski as well as a delegation from Ecuador. Among the invited guests were also employees, owners and directors of companies cooperating with CNC Jurczak, business partners, clients, friends and family.

25-lecie firmy CNC JURCZAK

The gala was opened by the welcome speech of the President of the Management Board of CNC Jurczak – Mr. Jacek Jurczak, who thanked the guests for their presence as well as successful years of cooperation, support, good advice and inspiration.

The success of the company would not be possible without all the people gathered in the room, as well as those who could not personally participate in the celebration of the company’s quarter century. The knowledge and experience gained over the years have allowed CNC Jurczak to function reliably and effectively on the market, continue to develop, constantly create and form new trends.

The president emphasized the great role played by people who were favorable to him from his immediate surroundings and family, especially his parents and brother. Thanks to their faith and support, he followed the path to success and, despite the difficulties, never gave up. Adversities and complications became his driving force for further action. Together with the whole team of people accompanying him, they created a company that was steadfast and resistant to all shocks and crises.

After the President of CNC Jurczak, the voice was taken by the Guvernor of Lower Silesia – Mr. Bogusław Szpytma. The Guvernor emphasized that the most important principle is to build the future and use the time to achieve as much as possible of the goals, and pursue passion. He emphasized that this is how Poland’s economy and strength should be built, and thanks to companies such as CNC Jurczak – Poland has a chance to become the tiger of Europe.

Then His Magnificence, Fr. Prof. Andrew Tomko emphasized that the company was established out of the President’s love for humans, family, church and the , in order to increase the goods on this earth. He emphasized the role of the President’s parents, who gave life to such an exceptional man and who, in creating such an exceptional place.

Next, Minister Błażej Spychalski spoke. He expressed his appreciation for the entire company and announced that the President has created something great – created a company from scratch, that has become such a well-performing local enterprise. He created something that is the quintessence of the Polish economy and today, thanks to people like the President, Poland is developing dynamically and has a chance to become the Tiger not only of Europe but also of the world.

The speech was also delivered by the mayor of Oława, Mr. Zdzisław Brezdeń. He described this past period of 25 years of the company’s activity as a time of innovative and sustainable activity and dynamic development. He wished successful contracts and excellent projects in the coming years. That future business decisions would strengthen the company’s position on the market and enable its further development in the industry, which will soon bring many benefits for the employees and the local community of the Oława region.

After the speeches, everyone sat down to a gala dinner and started celebrating. PanMajster Cover Band, famous for its participation in many radio and television music programs as well as most Polish festivals, performed live on the stage. There were also other attractions for guests, e.g. a stunning show by the illusionist Tomasz Grochoł and a thrilling dance show performed by beautiful and talented dancers from the Maraquja team. Everyone was in high spirits having fun until dawn.

That evening, everyone could try many exquisite dishes and drinks, as well as taste the impressive and delicious Jubilee Cake made by the Tortissima Kopalina Confectionery, which preserves the long tradition of confectionery.

The celebration of the Silver Jubilee of our company was an expression of appreciation and gratitude to all those who have contributed to the development of CNC Jurczak over the years by giving it their time, commitment and heart.

This evening will surely remain in our memory forever.

On behalf of the Management Board of the Company, we would like to thank everyone who was with us on this special evening. It was a great honor and pleasure for us to host so many people close to us.

We assure you that we are not going to slow down, we still have a lot of energy to continue to implement our own and your ideas that will improve not only our home market.

Everything is possible with us and over the next few years we will surprise you more than once.